How Many Years Older Will My Husband Be Quiz

Risk of Divorce Quiz

By Steven C. Martin

People want to have happy and long-term marriages with loving families yet getting married is a high-risk social undertaking with long-term divorce rates continuing at about 50%. Extensive research is ongoing in an attempt to identify risk factors and to find ways to minimize the risks of divorce.

The following quiz, based on scientific research, brings together thirteen significant risk factors so a single individual or a married couple can increase their awareness of risks and take actions to make better partner choices and/or do what is necessary to build a satisfactory relationship in spite of those risks. Knowledge is power. It gives you the opportunity to learn and grow.

Evaluate the risk of divorce that your relationship might face.

How many of these 13 divorce risk factors does your relationship have?

Instructions: Answer each of the following thirteen questions and click the "Score Quiz" button. A new window will open with your score and an explanation if it is a risk or not. Read the results and print them out if you want and be sure to click on the "Discussion.." link at the bottom of the results.

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