Husband Loves You

Does your husband truly love you? Find out through these tell tale signs

You often ask yourself whether your husband truly love you, don’t you?

You always feel that he does not care for you as he is not openly demonstrative of his love.

Don’t get too upset about it because there are tell tale signs that your husband truly love you.

Keep an eagle eye over it.

‘I love you ’ are the magic words you want to hear from your husband.

He kept repeating these thrilling love words before marriage, didn’t he?

But you are disappointed when he no longer says those words after marriage. He becomes very practical in his interaction with you.

This literally unnerves you as you are no longer confident whether your husband loves you.

You yearn for the vibrant love he displayed during your dating days, don’t you?

  • Has your husband really changed from a romantic lover to a staid husband?
  • Does your husband not love you as fervently as before?
  • Has his love for you taken a back seat after marriage?
  • Why doesn’t he display his love openly?

Your husband truly love you.

‘Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.’- H.Jackson Brown.Jr

But as a man your husband is very down to earth. He assumes that you would understand his love.

‘Do I have to say my love for her in words?’

‘Why can’t she understand through my actions how much I care and love her?’

Can you see how your practical husband is matter-of-fact that you should not expect him to act like a lover boy after marriage?

But as a woman you need open display of love to feel emotionally secure in your married life.

You are rather disappointed when your husband becomes aloof and dull in his interaction after marriage.

Men have a subtle way of expressing their love. If you understand your husband perfectly you too can understand his love. He shows through his actions that he cares and loves you.

His actions speak more than his words!

Understand that your husband truly love you through these tell tale signs

What does your husband do during his weekends?

Does he always want to spend his free time with his friends?

Does he not stay at home?

If so, he prefers the company of his friends more than you. But if your husband spends his weekends with you it clearly shows he feels at home with you. It implicitly shows he likes being with you.

He might be interacting with his relatives\friends during family functions or get together. But he often has direct eye contact with you. His eyes instantly lights up when you return his look.

This shows your husband truly love you.

When his parents\relatives say something demeaning about you, he immediately springs to your support. A unique way of saying he loves you.

A loving husband will never tolerate anything said against his wife.

Is your husband humorous and fun loving when he is with you?

It definitely shows he is comfortable in your company. When he is humorous and laughs a lot with you he is definitely showing he adores your companionship.

Does your husband keep calling you from his work place when you are sick?

A definite show of his caring love.

He is very worried about your health and craves for your speedy recovery.

Does he return early from work to take care of the children?

A perfect loving family man.

Does he have a worrying look in his face when you look downcast and worried?

Yet another emphatic sign that your husband truly loves you.

Are you are going to your mother’s house?

Does he have a lost look in his face?

‘The first day of your absence is always my bachelor’s day’ my husband used to tell me when I was on my annual trip to my mother’s place.

‘Really! What about the subsequent days?’ I asked him playfully.

‘Well, the second day would be just fine.’

‘But from the third day onward my days would lengthen into loneliness. I long for your arrival and keep counting the days’.

When I and my daughter arrive at home he would be waiting at the gate. He would have a cup of steaming coffee ready for us. What a wonderful way to say that he missed me.

What does your husband do when he has any problems?

When he immediately confides in you he shows how much he likes your advice and emotional support.

Yet another sign he loves you.

Does he show all facets of his character to you?

An excellent sign of his love. Your husband should be his true self with you.

I know a friend of mine who was very humorous with his colleagues. But when he enters his house he is silence personified.

‘I was flabbergasted when my usually morose husband laughed and laughed with a friend whom we happened to meet while shopping. You can never understand how hurt I felt. I never knew he laughed so much. He had never been like this with me’ his wife told me tearfully.

Does your husband discuss his hobbies with you?

He treats you as his friend and likes your company.

Does he apologize for the anger he showed?

It shows that your husband dislikes hurting you. He does not have any ego in making up with you.

Another tell -tale sign of his love.

So never worry if you husband no longer says ‘I love you’.

You should understand that your husband shows his love in his own way.

When you do not nag, he feels good to be at home. When you cook well for him, he sees a mother in you. When you look good, he loves looking at you.

When you lend a supporting shoulder, he feels emotionally sheltered. When you do not let him down in his failures and defeats he feels you are his dream wife.

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