When Your Ex Husband Is Prettier Than You

When your ex husband is prettier than you

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The first thing I’d recommend is asking yourself, why does it matter?

You might be right. She might be prettier than you are. So? So what? Why does it matter?

Spend some time thinking seriously about that question. Ask yourself to fill in the blanks on statements like "If my boyfriend’s ex is prettier than me, that makes me feel __ because __." What is it that bothers you? Is it that you are afraid he will leave you because you have this idea in your head that men always go for the prettiest women?

It’s normal to think that, but it’s not true. Being pretty is not nearly as important as many people think.

Then, when you’ve identified what you’re afraid of, talk to your boyfriend about it. Openly. Directly. See what he values in you. And when he tells you what it is he likes about you, believe him.

any one jealous is the ex is hotter than you?

Does any one feel crap when your boyfriend’s ex is much prettier or hotter than you?

I realize that if you are happy with who you are as a person,then being yourself is something no one else has; no matter how hot their ex is, you are still you, and if the guy loves you for that, the f act his ex has a much hotter body and prettoer face than you will not make him resent or not like YOU as much as her, or want you less than he wanted her.

The thing is, I would still be jealous if my boyfriends ex was a model. Luckily my boyfriend has been with goo dlooking girls, but no one who is that much better than me.

However, his last girlfriend is far prettier than I am. OUr bodies are the same, btu she is much prettier than me. I hate it, because how can he look into my eyes and see me as just as beautiful as his ex, when I am actually not?

I am not unnatractive ( look at my pics). I am 120 lbs, and have great breasts and a nice butt, which his ex did not have. However, I do not have a very pretty face, and his ex was very, very pretty in the face. I have straight teeth and I am nto offensive, and I lpve my long blonde hair, but I am still not close to being as pretty as her.

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