Why Do I Dream About Ex Husband

Why do i dream about ex husband

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Good, interesting question to answer

WHY? Dreams are caused by a “blocked” emotion, or an emotional “wound” in our mental system. The dream comes back as long as the emotion is latent or not unblocked And that’s it.

HOW to unblock an emotion, is another question. The answer would modify the world within 50 years, generation after generation.
However, a poor answer from my side. You disserve more insight.


Power of Natural Selection in humans, follows a built-in defense and repair system on auto-pilot. Blocked emotions — not taken care of — impede the activation of auto-repair, and for security reasons switches on Manual.

Consequently, each dream we remember is kind of, “a cry for Help!”
It can be compared with neglected physical pain, caused by an infection, a wound, intoxication or another disorder.
Humans can talk about feelings and pain, because after birth, we learned our vocabulary due to our modern brain.

The sub-conscious primitive mind or old brain can only communicate with impulses, noises, actions, reactions and signs. And pain or suffering represented by a dream, expresses a question: “Fix it?” That is the meaning of a dream.

Only affirmations exist in nature. The erroneous, overused useless word “No” is actionless and meaningless.

☺ Find out for yourself, how clumsy senseless humans write and talk.
Close your eyes, listen to your voice and see what happens in front of your closed eyes:

– “The dog does NOT chase the cat!”
And what did you see?
“The dog chases the cat!”

Answer with ACTION, or affirmation, and our system will undertake the necessary to bring the disorder in balance or Neutralize that what caused it.

As long as dreaming about the same issue continues, the emotion causing the repetition means, the petrified block I am unable to remember, is still remaining in place like a kidney stone.

Suffering in passivity, silence, mourning and groaning (negation) is the equivalent of deciding, accepting another emotion, meaning, “Let me suffer, I deserve it.”

Now, the purpose of our (long) evolution on earth is to avoid, to learn and to practice how to overcome suffering.

To understand this better: The long term destination of humanity is that generation after generation should increase age, strenght and improve health. Step by step, to reach other planets and populate them as part of evolution of the universe.

A process started about 6,000 years ago with a remarkable jump towards the future about 100 years ago. Nanely, the first temptation to fly, followed by the first step on the moon. And now regularly visiting and exploring Mars, And astronauts traveling nearly three years in space. In addition, a giant telescope discovering more than 2,500 earthlike planets in similar solar systems in our own galaxy! And in a few decades, we become used to it.

So, talking, communicating, asking questions about a problem “is action taking!” So, action is the contrary of Silence wherein Silence implies consent!

Let me resume:
In the case of repetitive dreams, the dreams are caused by a blocked emotion. It is brought to our “Consciousness” to inform us about the presence of a “wound,” in an undetectable appearance of electromagnetic plasma that interfere in neurons to communicate, with the purpose to switch on/off to consume or “Neutralize” the electromagnetic loaded plasma.

Each dream is part of our immune system, the most incredible, fantastic laboratory, manufactory and army as part of our natural or automatic defense, healing and self-maintenance system. And, why our immune system is insufficiently developed — undermined by society — or fails is another passionate chapter about emotions, dreams and evolution.

And our daily three to four dreams per 8 hour sleep — a few seconds long — pass usually unperceived to clean up or digest the insignificant mental rubbish of a day we were hurt and no one cared.

When dreams manifest themselves in the “conscious” mind, (the “new or contemporary brain,” that began differentiating us from the “the pure genetic- instinct- primitive- or reptile brain,” now called Neo-cortex, (but this is useless to remember,) when waking up in panic or in the morning, we remember a fraction- several fractions or fractions from other simultaneous or successive dreams.

An emotion can make us laugh, cry, cause anger, increase anger and violence, feeling sorry, depression, craving etc. etc… It is often called, "the Devil."

Feel free to formulate additional question, Lee, Why. What. How.
And a happy New Year.

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