Why Does My Husband Still Snore With Cpap

Snoring with CPAP

by Diane Ahuna

My husband began wearing a mask (using the CPAP machine) soon after our marriage. Despite this, he still made snorting sounds, which grew progressively worse over time.

Even though the machine was supposedly checked/fitted and he would replace hoses, the noise became unbearable – I had to sleep in another room to get any rest – and then could hear him through a closed door.

What is wrong with this picture??

Snoring while using the CPAP often demonstrates the therapy is not effective. The CPAP would normally stop snoring.

If your husband snores with CPAP, the air pressure is maybe to low, or there are some mask leaks. You should call the sleep doctor and let him know. He may take another look at your husband’s sleep study and find the correct pressure without having another titration test.

Sometimes the required CPAP pressure has to be changed by the doctor because the disorder’s severity has changed (because of weight loss or gain, airway surgery, weight loss surgery).

That’s why is recommended after 1 year of CPAP use to have a titration study to find if the present pressure needs to be changed, or if it’s effective the way it is.

However, if the therapy is working well, a repeat CPAP titration after one year is not usually necessary.

But I do believe that in your husband’s case, the therapy is not effective.

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