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Jumaat, 12 Oktober 2012

How Do I Handle High Ego Husband

High ego husband situation felt by many women and usually it poses severe stress to them. Ego is hard to deal with her husband and every wife must be astute in dealing with their husband’s ego and wrong if you may invite your household cracking.

How Do I Handle High Ego Husband

Here we will discuss how to cope and deal with a husband who has a high ego.

Plenty pray to God beg your household happy and your husband love you wholeheartedly. Pray also that God will soften your husband’s heart to receive and take care of you properly. Practice reciting verses from the Quran to soften the heart of her husband.

Practice chanting. Among the remembrance that you can do to deal with the ego husband is with membaza Yes Aziz, Ya Jabbar, Ya Mutakabbir.

# 3 Keep Manners & Behaviour

Keep your manners with your husband and make sure you treat it with care. Make sure you speak with gentleness, always throw a smile and treat your husband should. God willing, as a righteous wife and for what you do will certainly get consideration setimpalnya blessing from God.

Plenty of patience with the attitude of your husband’s ego. The patient’s wife with her husband isyaAllah will get gold umbrella while in heaven.

When your husband annoys you, you should stay calm and try to talk to him as if you do not feel what he had said. Do not be swayed by your emotions because it leads to fights and arguments.

Instill a positive attitude in yourself and think okay for your husband. [Read how to make yourself think positive]

You have a lot to give up the ego husband. This is because the husband has a high ego difficult to accept defeat. Let him win but the important things for you. Sorry you have to remember is not meant to give way, you apologize for the sake of your family harmony. Forgiveness is better than fighting.

Greet your husband with kindness. Do not get angry or mocked your husband. Greet your husband is fine where for example difficult to wake up your husband so you will not have prayers mengejutnya wake up because he might be angry with you. You can try dawn prayers near the bed you are sleeping husband and then mengajilah so your husband could hear. Over time he would feel ashamed and follow you for the dawn prayer.

Altered ego husband difficult and sometimes impossible to change. Your husband is a certainty and mating of the god, take him for granted.

Hopefully all of the above tips help to some extent in the face and deal with your husband’s ego.

Relationship Problems between Husband and Wife

The essential problem which makes the relationship between a husband and wife turn for the worse is lack of communication. If you haven’t been talking to your spouse, the relationship is bound to go into a rut.

The relationship problems between husband and wife can be seen in the light of the following relationship complications:

  • Too many expectations– You cultivate too many unreasonable expectations from your spouse which are all set to be doomed. Nobody is perfect, so why expect your life partner to be so. You should think highly of your spouse but they are human with their own tendencies to make a mistake. Try to avoid keeping your expectations too high.
  • Conflicts– Do not jump into conclusions about the relationship every time you have a conflict. There are ways to resolve it, and the best of which is allowing time to pass. Time will heal, and of course the having good positive conversation too.

  • No compromise– If your relationship is in a spot of bother, chances are that you never tried to consider your partner’s point of view. If you always felt that you were right, that is just the proof to show that you were wrong. Your spouse may have been responsible to start a fight, but you are responsible for your reaction. Not willing to compromise is one of the most prominent causes of conflicts between husband and wife.
  • Male ego– At times, it is the man’s ego that gets the better of even considerations of a happy married life. It affects the relationship in a major way. The wife’s self esteem becomes very low when the male ego comes in between. The distance men can create by this often turns out to be irresolvable.
  • Time spent together– This is one of the critical factors in the success of a husband-wife relationship. You need to balance between the time spent with your partner, and the time you need to spend alone. If your partner enjoys more time with you, make sure you give him or her that. There should be a mutual agreement on this important issue.

Regardless of what you perceive to be the problem – money constraints, disturbing behaviour, feeling let down as the expectations have not been met, or any other. If you fail to communicate, it will be the start of the rut, and if you continue to be in the same frame of mind, dealing with the problem would not be easy.

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How to avoid Ego Problems in Married Life?

There are many reasons which results in separations of loved ones which changes life of both the person involved. Some of prominent reasons of problems are jealously, pride and ego. Ego usually comes out of fear of losing control or proving yourself right or when someone is feeling insecure. People don’t even realize that they have ego problem and it eventually results in breaking up relations with their loved ones.

Here are few tips to avoid ego problems:

1. No regrets and no proud: Never feel regret about your past or about your negative points. Even you must never think that you are best in any of your quality. Every person has some negative and some positive points, thus stop regretting or feeling proud. Your partner is equally intelligent and responsible as you are, you know some things better than your partner and your partner knows some things better than you. Proud and regrets both increase your ego.

2. Don’t always praise yourself : Keep praising yourself in front of others don’t help much to impress them, in fact they it slowly increases your ego and make you overconfident. If you have habit of telling others about your achievements or success every time when you get into conversation with others then you can get trapped with ego problems easily. So, praising yourself must be in limits.

3. Keep your leg in other’s shoe: Many people think that they always think and do right things, but this is not true. The fact is many time what we think is right, can actually impact badly in our life. Thus, while discussing with your partner about any topic, try to think the way he/she is thinking. It is not necessary that you always oppose what your partner want to say or he/she is not enough mature to give you suggestions. This tendency increases your ego problem. When you try to think like your partner, you can easily come out of your ego problem and become broader minded.

4. Don’t make habit of listening compliments: Sometimes you say such things like “I am good for nothing “or “I don’t look good” and wait people to give you compliment that “no, you look beautiful”. People generally make habit of listening only good things about themselves, which are sometimes fake and just to make you happy. When your partner says the right things about you, your ego hurts very easily. Thus, beware of listening fake praise or keep yourself away from people who keep on flatter you , this will increase your ego problem and you will find difficult to receive criticism.

To reduce the fights between you and your partner, you need to avoid your ego. Ego should never come in between loved ones, it ruin your marriage. You need to prepare mentally that you need to remove ego problems between you and your partner and then follow above steps. I can assure you that you will surely get close to your partner and your fights will get reduced.

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