Why Is My Ex Husband Hiding His New Relationship

Why is my ex husband hiding his new relationship

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Why wouldn’t he hide those photos and updates from you? Why is this even surprising? If you’re no longer in contact, it’s normal.

  • Maybe he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.
  • Maybe it would make him uncomfortable if you like or comment on his new girlfriend’s posts and shares, so he’s ensuring you won’t have the opportunity.
  • Maybe his new girlfriend is worried about your existence, so he set face book up this way to help her see he doesn’t really care whether you’re in the know about his life anymore.
  • Maybe this is one of the ways he avoids obsessing over old relationships.
  • Maybe he isn’t "hiding" anything and has simply chosen not to allow his girlfriend’s updates to take over his wall, because that’s not his preferred method of keeping everyone up to date on his life. A lot of people filter what goes on their wall, it’s not ex-exclusive behavior for the most part.

I could go on and on, because there are a lot of reasons why an ex-boyfriend would block you or even everyone he knows from constantly receiving Facebook posts about the romantic aspects of his life.

When it comes to you, specifically he no longer wants that level of intimacy with you. It’s completely reasonable to keep his new relationship private from his ex.

You don’t need to know why, because it’s not about you anymore. He made that decision for himself, because people prioritize their own preferences, desires, and perspective. There’s no closure in trying to find out why, because that knowledge is shared at a level of intimacy you no longer exchange with him.

The best closure you can give yourself is to assume he has his reasons, that it’s none of your business, and that you have better things to do with your time than watch his feed or his girlfriend’s updates. And this option is all about prioritizing your own feelings, choices, preferences, and desires.

You don’t want to worry and feel stressed? You know your value has nothing to do with him. Ignore his choices and move on with your own life.

Reasons for an ex-boyfriend to hide his new relationship?

There of course can be several reasons. But I am still curious as to why some ex boyfriends do?

And when I mean hide, I mean hide it on Facebook, in person, everywhere. If the man is no longer in love with his ex, why would he be so secretive about the new relationship if in reality he is doing nothing wrong?

I have a friend that went through a very terrible break up. About 4 weeks after the break up, her ex started hanging out with a girl he just met. Within the month, they were dating. However, my friend did not know because he hid it on his Facebook and even from some of his close friends. I only realized it because the girl he began dating was doing the whole "look at me look at me, I got a boyfriend" routine and making sure it was obvious on her Facebook. I deleted her after that. I have yet to tell my friend that her ex she still loves (who is ignoring her completely) is hiding his new girlfriend from her sight. He even blocked my friend on Facebook too.

I am not a fan of the guy, he was hurtful and cruel to my friend and I would of expected him to go out of his way to rub it in her face to make her feel worse because that is the kind of guy he is. This took me by shock to watch him actually HIDE the girl.

So as asked before, what are some reasons for a man that left his girlfriend and ignored her hide a new lover?

Why is my ex hiding her new relationship from me?

My ex girlfriend and I were together for 4 years. We broke up a few times over the course of her relationship mainly because of her cheating on me. I decided to take her back every time because a) I was in love with her. b) she expressed that she was going through a lot of stuff, was depressed and was unfaithful because of it.

Our entire relationship was up and down the entire time, very intense, but very loving regardless of the problems. Each time we broke up things got more and more difficult, about a year ago she dated one of my friends behind my back, I found out about it and was crushed and we have never been the same since then. After some time I decided to forgive her but kicked my friend out of my life. Even though I forgave her we didn’t get back together, just slept together a few times and continued to hang out and talk every day.

About 3 months ago it all changed. She became very distant with me, cold at times, just different in general. I asked her why this way and she just said she was busy with work. I believed her initially until the distant got more apparrent. I was confused as to why she would push me away and asked her repeatedly what was going on with her-again nothing. One day I ran into a mutual friend of ours and she told me that she was dating another mutual friend of ours. I was lied to-again. I confronted her about it and she denied that she was with him. I decided to believe her until the cold distance again got worse and numerous other people confirmed that they were indeed together. I asked her again, and again she denied. I asked her if we are just friends why wasnt I allowed to know about him? I actually know the guy socially and I like him and I told her that.

We rarely talk anymore and I know she is with him. We have had countless of arguments about it and It’s gotten to the point where I need to know so I can have some closure and move on. I expressed this to her and still she keeps lying to me. I want to be her friend, I want her in my life, but I don’t see how we can be if she withholds and hides so much from me.

At this point, why would she not want me to know about him? What would she gain from that? I am confused and hurt, what do you think?

Thank you for reading.

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You’re still in love with her and are simply hurt by everything, this latest break up is just the icing on the cake. The fact is she can’t really love or respect you anymore, no after the amount of times she’s left and you’ve taken her back – even when you turned your back on your friend but not her!

Respect comes not just from being nice to someone but also being firm and honest with them. When you’ve taken her back you’ve pretty much told her it’s okay to carry on as you’ll always be there. I know people in similar situations – they keep taking their partners back yet acting suprised when they cheat again and again.

The reason she’s not being honest now is because she’s never been honest in the past and now has it set in her mind how she should behave around you. Laying down the law and asking for the truth is a bit too late now my friend. You clearly know she’s with someone else and has no intention of ever being loyal and honest with you, so why look for anymore closure than that? Seriously, what more could you want from her now? What else is there to know? Why torture yourself further?

Her actions have made it clear the type of person she is, so do you really want to be her friend? I don’t think you do. What you want is what most of us think we want after a break-up; and that’s to be friends with the ex. It’s a lie. We don’t want to be friends, we want them back and we feel that at least being friends means we’ll be with them and maybe can make things work. Trust me, it never works. You really think you can be her friend? You really think you can sit with her whilst she tells you what a great lover her new guy is, or (as in my case) tells you about her engagement? Think about that and really think about what you really want.

I know it hurts, loving someone who doesn’t love you back – the feelings don’t die, they get stronger, but the only way now is to go no contact on her. Nothing, no replies to her texts or any of that. I personally am betting that if you stop responding she’ll come to you, not to take you back, but because you’ll be hurting her ego and doing something she’s not used to. That is the time when you need to be strongest. Should she make more effort to speak to you, then that’s when you lay down the law and say exactly what you want, how hurt you’ve been, how you don’t trust her and how you don’t think you ever will again. If she wants you, then she’ll make every effort to change her ways and prove herself to you. If she doesn’t, she won’t.

Either way for now, go NC and read some other threads on here. You’re not alone with what you’re going through.

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