Why Is My Husband Still Snoring With Cpap

Do You Still Snore With CPAP?

Your Sleeping Partner’s Burning Question: Do You Still Snore with a CPAP?

Good news for anyone who loves someone with sleep apnea. Those earplugs will soon become a distant memory. Of course, you’ve got to have the right supplies to make your CPAP machine make snoring a thing of the past.

CPAPMyWay.com makes it fast, easy, and affordable to get the right CPAP equipment and disposable supplies for your needs. We even help you make sure your equipment fits you like a glove.

Here’s the million-dollar question, “Do you still snore with CPAP?”

Whether they’ll admit it, your bed partner’s got this burning question about whether you will still snore with CPAP. After all, we can’t run on love alone; sleep is critical to every human’s health.

Is CPAP a Dream Come True?

As disrupted as your sleep has been for as long as you’ve been suffering from sleep apnea, your partner’s been right there with you. There’s the tossing and turning while you struggle to fall asleep – or back asleep. But once you finally drift off into dreamland, your partner’s nightmare is just beginning because that’s when the snoring starts.

When you’re starting to use your CPAP machine, your partner is doubly happy. First, because of the health benefits you’re going to start experiencing – more energy and a better mood. Second, because whether they’ll tell you or not, they’re hoping they’ll finally start getting better sleep, too.

So, Do You Still Snore with CPAP?

There’s good news, bad news, and then really good news.

  • The good news: Your snoring should become a distant memory once you start using your CPAP machine nightly.
  • The bad news: Some CPAP users find that all of a sudden, they’re back to snoring loud enough to wake the dead.
  • The really good news: This is as easy to fix as making some minor adjustments to your CPAP mask.

Your CPAP should virtually eliminate your snoring. It’s just a matter of getting – and keeping – the proper fit and air pressure with your equipment.

How to Prevent Snoring with CPAP

Here are some helpful tips to put an end to any snoring with your CPAP machine. Basically, they’re all related to keeping your airway open – the whole reason you’re using a CPAP machine. If you’re still snoring, perform the following checks:

  • Are your mask straps adjusted properly? We’re happy to help you adjust the fit of your mask. It’s easy – just request a video chat and we’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on and help you to get your mask fitting just right.
  • Are there air leaks around your mask? The most common cause of air leaks is using worn-out cushions with your mask. Silicon is the perfect material for CPAP cushions because it’s easy to clean and provides a soft and flexible surface where your mask and face meet. However, it doesn’t last forever – even if the packages are unopened. That’s why we offer automatic shipments of CPAP cushions. You’ll get fresh cushions when you need them, without having to remember to order them… and without the hassle of going through your insurance.
  • Is your CPAP air pressure high enough? The proper setting could change if you lose or gain weight. It’s important to note that if you’ve got an air pressure problem with your CPAP machine, you should not try to adjust it yourself. Be sure to request help.
  • Is your mask gapping or falling off because of your sleep position? If your mask fits properly, it shouldn’t fall off even if you roll over in your sleep. Be sure to check the fit. Most people who snore do so while sleeping on their back – and just by trying to sleep on your side, you might get better results.

All in all, as long as your CPAP mask is adjusted properly, your cushions are replaced regularly, your air pressure is set right, and your mask is staying on all night, you should not keep snoring while using CPAP therapy. If you are snoring, the fixes are easy with a quick consultation. If you would like us to help you, just reach out – that’s why we’re here.

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Using CPAP and still snoring

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Permalink Reply by Saz RPSGT on September 14, 2009 at 12:50am

That is good advice.

It could be several things though. If you have a heated humidifier (in line with your CPAP) then start using that first. You can also try a chinstrap to keep your mouth closed.

It’s also possible that you aren’t on enough pressure.

Try a Heated humidifier first. Then a Full face mask. If both of those don’t work, then see about an AutoTitration home study (or permanent use)

Permalink Reply by PD Laire on September 15, 2009 at 12:43pm

Permalink Reply by Rock Conner RRT on September 15, 2009 at 2:07pm

Why is my husband still snoring with cpap

I have been using my cpap machine for over five years. I use it every day and feel I am getting good sleep. My new machine I have been using for the past year provides data on AHI and mask fit and my results are always "ideal". The problem is my wife says I continue to snore especially when sleeping on my back. Is this normal for a CPAP user or should I be contacting my sleep doctor or cpap provider. Thanks Ken

Before therapy, I snored. With therapy I do not snore. I can only look to my own situation and say that you might want to talk with your doctor but I only have my own subjective and personal experience to draw on.

Hi Ken, you may want to contact your doctor. Snoring is usually a sign of obstruction but people can snore and it won’t affect their sleep apnea. Does the feedback you receive from the machine give you numbers for AHI? Usually an AHI under 5 is the gold standard.

I’ve only been using a device since last November (2016) but will share my observation: I was given a ResMed mask at first which was hard on my twice broken nose but my wife said I did not snore at all. They switched me to an Amara View Full Face Mask by Philips Respironics which was much easier on my nose since it doesn’t impact the bridge of your nose; however, in about a weeks time I was snoring again and my AHI numbers climbed. I switched back to the mask and my wife says no more snoring and my numbers are coming back down again. I believe there is a correlation between snoring and apneas. I’d ask your Dr why the change if all that is different is the machine?

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